Covering COVID-19 From My Kitchen

July 2, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of our lives. For me, what seemed to be a mild inconvenience (not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a dinner and drinks out) turned into the most anxiety-producing and professionally challenging time in my freelance life. Because I was born with transposition of the […]

coffee cup and laptop

I’ve Been Bad … But I’m Working on it

June 5, 2019

So… yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. The good news is that I’ve been busy with business-related writing. The bad news is that I’ve done little personal writing during that time, other than quick posts on social media. In just the first 5 months of […]

travel items

Reviving My Sense of Adventure

November 27, 2018

Before my parents got sick, before my corporate job was on thin ice, before we were juggling two houses and four animals, my husband and I traveled often. Sometimes it was behind the wheel of our SUV, sometimes in coach with a coveted packet of peanuts, sometimes on foot with […]

chocolate chip cookie

Storytelling Can Turn Oatmeal Cookies into Chocolate Chip

May 11, 2018

I’ve been watching The Office (U.S.) from the beginning in my downtime over the last few months. Since I no longer work in an office with quirky co-workers, watching the show helps fill that role a bit. I recently watched the “Gettysburg” episode (Season 8, Episode 8). While half the […]

Love and Ruin: When Gellhorn Met Hemingway

April 23, 2018

I’ve never been one to fall for the Ernest Hemingway type — barrel-chested and full of bravado. But I’ve read a few books about Ernest recently and have a bit more respect for the tortured artist that he was. I won an advance reader’s edition of Paula McLain’s forthcoming novel, […]

Lust for Life book

What We Can Learn About Writing from Vincent Van Gogh

February 9, 2018

My mother was an artist, so I grew up in a house piled high with paints, canvases, easels, glazes, frames, art books and more. In fact, when I moved out of my parents’ house in the late 90s, she turned my bedroom into her art studio. I’m writing in that […]

How I Found Myself Unemployed — and Found My Voice

December 20, 2017

2017 was the year sh*t got real. I had been limping along, half-heartedly pursuing freelance writing and editing gigs part time for the last few years, unable to cut the umbilical cord to the corporate world. And then the corporate world cut me. At the end of August my position […]

The Top 7.5 Articles for the Creatively Ambitious Bookmarked in 2017

December 7, 2017

I not only create content, I also consume it, a lot … on my laptop, phone, iPad, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, via email, at the coffee shop, on my couch, in the passenger seat, on the beach, on my deck. Lots of reading in lots of places. I bookmarked a […]

3 Tips for Silencing the Noise in Your Newsfeed

November 15, 2017

I love that technology allows me to work from any location on the planet, stream Stranger Things at Panera and buy the latest Anita Shreve book at 11 p.m. from the comfort of my bed – and my yoga pants. What can be overwhelming, though, is the constant chatter in […]